The music of Ronald Silverlight (a.k.a. MyndsEye) has never been "stuck" in any
one particualr each song totally varies in groove from one song to the
next.....which part.....why the music can move you on so many
different transcends genre classifications.....however... the major
commonality of my songs are intended to be "FEEL GOOD" music.

My catalogue of music contains releases that have "shades" of artists like Dr. Dre,
Dire Straits, Blue Man Group, The Parliments (funk-a-delics), Yanni, Jimmy Buffet,
Weird Al Yankovich ( yes.....even Al -:) and many others.....which only attests to the  
broad variety i am able to capture with my music.

The popularity of my music is no stranger to the digital world of the internet. Since
the inception of the MyndsEye "solo project".....along with CD sales.....internet
streams and downloads have been massive.....accumulating well over 3.1 MILLION
listens from around the globe and producing numerous #1 hits lasting not only
weeks.....but MONTHS on their respective internet song charts. As the numbers
keep does the musical enjoyment that my music is able to capture for
the listener.

I build what i call my "wall of sound" with my "solo project" by fashioning complex and
enjoyable melodies (without a lot of sonic clutter) that moves the body and engages
the mind. I have enjoyed the privilege of having several of my songs licensed for
video and film work, compilation CD's, have been chosen by the public and industry
pros as a finalist winner in their highly competitive song competition
and was voted the Grand Prize Winner of the "2001-A Musicians Odyessy" music
competition sponsored by MusiciansFriend Magazine (the world's largest musical
gear company).

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The Ronald Silverlight MyndsEye "Solo Project"